We help ensure optimum performance at existing power plants and provide design consultation services for plants still in the planning stages. Utilizing our global partners, we provide complete plant services across for both Apollo and non-Apollo constructed plants.

Here's how we can help you...
Operation & Maintenance
  • Apollo is committed to bring together best in class operational practices to Solar PV projects. We ensure reliable and economical plant operation. Our alliances with global partners reduces costs, provides real time operational transparency to project owners, and allows better plant performance as new technologies are available. We also provide performance guarantees and unplanned maintanance protection to mitigate risks.
  • Even the smallest improvements in the operating parameters of projects have huge impacts in the profitability of the investments. Though Solar projects CAPEX is getting lower with ever evolving technological improvements in the sector, projects can achieve maximum returns by continuously optimising their operations to enhance availability, output and efficiency of power plant along with power plant life.
O & M Service Highlights
  • Remote monitoring for project owners
  • Guaranteed plant performance based on performance and generation parameters
  • On site reserve spare parts for quick resolution of poor plant performance
  • Coordination with equipment manufacturers on waranty claims
  • On-going improvements to plant life, availability, and safety
  • Up time guarantees based on energy generation or performance ratio
  • Use of specially trained staff from eminent Inverter Suppliers
O & M Detailed Scope of Work for a PV plant
  • Cleaning modules using forced air or with water. Modules are cleaned using a robotic or manual methods.
  • Operation of plant on daily basis for optimum generation.
  • Cleanliness of the plant area, landscaping of the plant, watering both carpet / open areas to minimize dust whirls.
  • Security of the plant from external and internal sources
  • Scheduled maintenance: Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual
  • Breakdown maintenance for inverters, switch yard equipments, control room equipments ,all AC and DC cabling in the plant
  • Technical Assistance for all sorts of jobs
  • Keeping records/log books / all relevant Generation Data at plant and other end at the state agency.
  • Invoicing with authorities for revenue generation
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