Pay-Per-Use of Solar kWh or Own a Solar Array
Commercial Buildings
Solar for Commercial Building
Apollo is a full service solar energy services provider that can help commercial building owners like you leverage solar energy to reduce your electricity expenses while achieving stability in your electricity supply. We assist you in every step of the way, provide a comprehensive solution for design, construction and operation of the system and take accountability throughout the life of the system.

Most commercial buildings in India face power outages due to grid failures and arbitrary government decisions to curtail electricity supply to commercial sector. This creates significant business uncertainty and revenue loss. Commercial buildings resort to using diesel generators to stay powered up even though diesel power is very expensive. We offer Solar Power as a cost effective source of electricity for commercial buildings - electricity delivered by our system will be at a lower cost than owning and operating a DG set; we guarantee availability of electricity from our system; electricity from our Solar Power System is free of smoke and noise common for a DG set that adversely affects health of your employees and neighbors. For most commercial buildings, our solutions will generate savings from day 1. For some, we can fully eliminate the need for a diesel generator.

Our Offerings
No Up Front Cost for You
Pay per kWh of Power used by You
Always thought Solar Power is very expensive? No more. Apollo's Pay-Per-Use offering allows Commercial rooftop owners like you to setup a Solar Power System on your rooftop without any capital investment from you or your tenants. Apollo will build, own and operate the system at its own cost on your roof. Apollo will enter into a long term agreement with you to supply power at a pre-determined tariff per unit. The power generated from the system will cost you less than power generated by the DG set. You can start saving on the electricity bill from day one. This solution saves you money with absolutely no investment or risk.

Have a profit making company? Need to lower tax bill? Run a non profit institution like a college? Have a Solar Power can be a solution. Owning a rooftop Solar Array gives you several tax benefits like 80% accelerated depreciation, capital equipment subsidy and other tax benefits that can be quite useful for profit making companies. At the same time, the Solar will power your building more economically than using a diesel generator. Overall investment on the Solar Array can be recovered in less than 7 years. After that, you will get free power for next 20 years.
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